1. I don't receive the registration email. Why?

If you dont received our registration mail, please first check your SPAM folder. If the mail is even not in your SPAM, please contact us at:contact@clipstorm.com from the registered email account.

2. Why can't I login?

There are two likely possibilities. Either your system is not accepting cookies or your date/time settings are not current.
In your web browser, make sure that you allow cookies from our system. Most web browsers have cookie options under the privacy settings. Add our web address to allow cookies from our site. This will permit our system to set a cookie so that you do not encounter any login issues.
If you still have problems logging in, check your system's date and time settings. If these settings are not correct please change them and try logging in again.
If you have allowed cookies from our site and have the right date and time setting but still can not login, please contact our at contact@clipstorm.com.

3. I lost my password. How can I renew it?

If you lost or forgot your password, you can reset your password with the „Forgotten password” button below the login form at the Login/Register page.
Then you have to fill your registered email address, and ask a new password. First, you will get an e-mail alert about the request, and if you sure you need a new password than you can click on the link. After you will get a second e-mail with the new password. If you don't received our mail, please first check your SPAM folder.

For studios

1. Why should I open a studio at ClipStorm?

Because we are a modern, well-designed fetish oriented site with many great features, lots of enabled unusual fetishes, with a large network behind us (SG-Video, MF-Video Brazil, Hunterotic & much more), so we have much experience with financially strong customers and huge traffic.
We also have a really simple and clean admin area with lot of options where you can manage your content with ease.

2. How can I register as a studio?

Click to "Open a studio" in the top menu and follow the instructions. It's a simple procedure, everything is self-explanatory. You will also need to upload 2 documents which proof your identity and address and if you are an European company with VAT-ID, you have to submit it to us in the registration form.
After your registration is complete, we manually verify your account. You can upload movies during the verification process, but they only appear at the site after the verification.

3. How long does it take to create a studio and upload my first movie?

Approximatelly 5 minutes after you registered + the upload time. You have to log in the admin area and follow the instructions. In short:
1. Create a new studio at My Stores menu
2. Upload the movie and the pictures with FTP or our built-in File Manager
3. Create the movie at My Movies menu, fill up the details, select the pictures, set the categories, tags and the price, then publish the movie.

4. Is the registration free for the studios?

Yes, it is completely free and always will be. We only cut off the 50 % comission after your sold movies which we use for pay the hosting, bandwith, security, the support, the maintenance and the payment processing.

5. How and when do I receive my payout?

You have to choose one paying method from the followings:
• Cheque (30 EUR/Payout)
• International Wire Transfer (20 EUR/Payout)
• SEPA Wire Transfer (10 EUR/Payout)
• Paypal (10 EUR/Payout)
The payouts are on the 10th of each month.

6. How can I be more popular and successful?

You have to put effort in it. Make good quality content with high resolution and nice actions. Also, regular movie uploads could help as well, because it's maintain your visibility, and of course, you will have more movies to sell.
Marketing is as important as quality content. You should link your Twitter account with your ClipStorm store and you can also use more social media sites for promote it, like tumblr.

For members

1. How can I register?

You can register by clicking the “Login/Register” button in our navbar's top right edge, or the „Join” button.
When you fill out and submit the registration form, shortly you will receive a confirmation email (so you must add valid email address). This email will contain a link which activates your account when opened. If you run into trouble registering on the site, feel free to ask for our help by writing an email to contact@clipstorm.com. If you dont received our registration mail, please first check your SPAM folder.

2. How can I watch movies?

You have to login purchase them via credit card or direct pay on the movie's page, then the purchased movies will appear in "My downloads" menu.

3. Why can't I play movies?

Make sure that your media player is up to date with the latest software and codecs. (Codecs are what allow your media player to translate the files into something you can view.) If you are still having problems with playback, please try the download again. Alternatively, you may want to try viewing this file in another media player, like VLC or SMPlayer.

If you doesn't have sound maybe your sound is off on your device, check it on your devices’ bottom right section. If it’s OK, you have to add sound on our built-in player.
If you don’t have sound on the already downloaded movie, try to download and install an other media player, like VLC or SMPlayer.

4. How many times can I download a clip?

You can download a clip successfully 2 times after purchase with a 20 days expiration

5. How can I search for movies, categories or studios?

The search bar is at the top of every page, under the slider. You can search by categories, keywords, duration, price, actresses, studio and tags.

6. How secure the usage, payments and anonimity?

All information on this site is secured by encrypted connection. The videos are stored on a secure Linux server and the payments are protected by 128 bit Secure SSL technology.

7. How will the purchases be noted on my credit card bill and bank statement?

We send a completely neutral reference to your statements.

8. Is ClipStorm a membership site?

No, we don't sell monthly membership to the customers. Every clip has a single custom price.

9. Which payment methods can I use?

You can use direct pay or credit card payment methods. Both methods are completely secure.


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